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Control and Connection – HIT

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Last week I began a series, What do Caregivers need to manage health?, about Caregivers and Health Information Technology (HIT).  Due to technical difficulties, my subscribers did not receive an email of this post.  Find last week’s post here.

I listed 15 needs of people at the center of care including:

  1. Control of their life
  2. Connection to others – not alone

Social media and this blog help me keep control of my life and connect to others. As a student of health and of the teams, communities and organizations involved with health I study myself and my experience first. If that isn’t the definition of self-centered, I don’t know what is. This blog, using the WordPress platform, is my primary means of communicating and reflecting. I did have some help setting the blog up, but the platform is intuitive and the forums and help lines are useful.  Other less intense, free blog platforms include (there are many): Read More