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mental health

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#11 View From Medicaid: Emerging Adults w Mental Illness

By Clinician, Leader, Podcasts

Newsletter subscribers: Apologies. My Mailchimp feed broke down, and I didn’t notice until yesterday. You’ve missed 10 episodes!! I will repost an episode every other day until we’re caught up. I’m so sorry!

Dr Herndon, former Medicaid CMO: challenges faced to improve mental health care for emerging adults. Better support systems for their transition to independence

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Independent Community Benefit Practice

By Advocate, ePatient, Leader, Podcasts, Researcher

Michael Mittelman received three kidneys via transplant, his current kidney from a living donor, his mother. He identifies as an advocate for organ donation, specifically, living organ donors. He also works across disease areas to help companies understand and involve patients. He cares deeply about access and equity in healthcare. For this episode, I’m going to test calling our work as advocates, activists, and partners, an Independent Community Benefit Practice.

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