Communities get together to solve a problem, technology helps to scale the solutions. What comes first?……Both to address the complexity of workflow and life flow.  Evidence is part of learning what works for populations. Evidence needs to be available to people and their teams at the point of decision. It’s a different challenge when a clinician is present and when a clinician isn’t present. People make many health decisions without a medical expert. It’s only ink on paper if the word doesn’t get out. As a patient, what data do I want? Mostly I want my health data to include my health goals – progress as slowly as possible, taking nothing to interfere with my pathological optimism.  Then I want to know who is going to what, when.  Did it work?  In real time.

Special Edition of Hot Topics: Presentation for Elsevier on 12/16/16 with Michelle Troseth, CPPO.