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November 18, 2023

21 Years Since Son, Mike Died. Superpower: Accepting What Is

My son, Mike, died 21 years ago at age 26. Wasn't born with a tattoo telling him how long he had to live. Best spiritual health of his life. Left…
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October 28, 2023

Balancing Motherhood, Community, Trust, Money, & Sickle Cell

Personal growth living with a chronic illness, sickle cell, the importance of open communication, building a supportive community, & advocating for oneself. (more…)
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October 15, 2023

Unplugged and Reconnected. A Day of Rest.

Day starts with angst, leading to screen-free day, reservoir walk, visit to farm stand, reading real book. Revived with renewed sense of gratitude & well-being. (more…)


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    As an action catalyst, I learn with people on the journey toward best health (people as patients, caregivers, parents, clinicians, direct care staff, communities, and the people that support them). I wear many hats in healthcare:

    • Person with Multiple Sclerosis
    • Care partner for several family members’ end-of-life journeys
    • Nurse for 45+ years
    • Informaticist
    • Quality Management and Measurement leader
    • C-Suite
    • Husband, Father, Opa, Musician

    I specialize in patient/ caregiver/ clinician/ community partnerships and the intersection between research, technology, and the health journey.

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