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Managing medications: Experience of empowered & engaged partners

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Managing medications – the most frequent interaction between health team members – includes both the clinical aspects of our health journey and the behavior of health team members. Medication management that works depends on empowered, informed patients and their caregivers prepared for clinician visits, and engaged, collaborative clinicians skilled at working with activated patients. Unfortunately, current management is often haphazard, disorganized, time-consuming, and frustrating with a heavy dose of paternalism in complaints about lack of “patient adherence.” If managing medications worked better we could see betterĀ patient safety, improved health outcomes, and a positive impact on life flow and work flow. The challenge is so widespread and so fundamental. How can we systematically approach the opportunities in medication management to find the right tools and methods?C:\Users\Dvanleeu\AppData\Local\Temp\enhtmlclip\Image.gif

First we need a framework for analysis, then a list of relevant activities that would benefit from tools and methods, and finally, we need to recognize success. So jump in: Read More