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Satisfaction, Smatisfaction – any good?

By Advocate, Caregiver, Clinician, Consumer, ePatient, Leader 4 Comments
More and more often I’m receiving satisfaction surveys from providers of health care  Interesting concept: satisfaction. Satisfaction with what? Satisfaction with service, respect, knowledge, empathy, partnership, noise? I expect that members of my team will listen to me, help me listen to them, not waste my time, be nice to me, tell me how much stuff costs in advance of charging me, tell me the likelihood that whatever they’re recommending will work, tell me what might happen if I don’t follow their recommendations, tell me how I can reach them when I need help, tell me what should trigger reaching out to them. As a nurse, a patient and a caregiver I wonder if surveys ask what’s important to me (mostly they’re not) and I wonder if the results are actionable (If results are lower than hoped, that something can be done to make the results better.  If they are better than expected, that someone can figure out why, so it can be done more often).

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