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Medical Residents and Safety

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Listening to an article on Morning Edition this week, Is It Safe for Medical Residents to Work 30-Hour Shifts? A study has begun randomly putting some residents in 30 hour shifts and others in 16 hour shifts to see if there is a difference the proportion of patients who die within 30 days (can’t believe I’m writing that, but the outcome being measured is 30 day mortality, really). In 2003 a law was passed limiting residents to 16 hour shift maximums. Hospitals want to go back to 30 hour shifts because the 16 hour shifts are more expensive. A concern is that 30 hours is too long and dangerous.  As a young emergency and intensive care nurse I found 12 hours to be my limit. Read More

Tension between rights and safety

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My mom is failing – pancreatic cancer. I’m struggling with the balance between her desires and her safety.  I firmly believe in Empowered, Equipped, Engaged, Enabled individuals on the health journey: e-patients as described by the Society for Participatory Medicine.  I also believe in Using Power Honestly, Wisely, and Respectfully as written in the Advocates Way of Advocates, Inc.
So when my mom says she doesn’t need help, yet I see that she’s unsteady, has had several near misses – almost falling, wants to stay in her home, and has varying degrees of self-awareness, mental abilities, I’m concerned about her safety and ability to make a safe decision. Thankfully, we avoided disaster, after coordinating with several people to be with her and offer the same feedback: You need 24/7 help. In a period of clarity she agreed and now feels relieved.
This tension between rights, dignity, and safety repeats itself everywhere. I experienced it as a parent, as a nurse, as a patient myself, and as a caregiver. I didn’t let my grandson run across the street, rather holding his hand and instructed him in good crossing habits. For ourselves and those with whom we share the health journey, we can acknowledge the tension with mindfulness and respect and get help maintaining that balance.