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Amazing Grace

Did you hear the full video of Obama’s eulogy at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church? I contemplation grace often, but I’ve never heard such an eloquent reflection. Grace is acceptance, forgiveness, bravery, humanity, dignity. Much to aspire to, often falling short.  I contemplate grace while traveling on my health journey, gravitating towards team members with grace, visualizing grace while managing myself. I meditate on grace at work, trying to maintain my own dignity when feeling battered by stress, change, and misunderstanding. Yesterday, on my 40th wedding anniversary I celebrated the grace of my wife who inspires me to be the best man I can be.
I can’t let this post go by without honoring the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, (Colbert: ‘Hard To Believe Gays Achieved Personhood Just 5 Years After Corporations Did’). A lot to be grateful for. Amazing Grace.