Blessings. Giving Thanks.

By November 26, 2017Family man

Grateful for our blessed life together. Grateful for our home with the footstep rhythm of family upstairs. Grateful that our means are enough to live within. Grateful for the ability to do good work. With so much suffering in the world, grateful for those working to make our lives and others’ lives better.  We share 7% of our gross income each year. We give to Planned Parenthood, Amnesty USA, WBUR, WNYC, WGBH, Radiotopia (check out Ear Hustle), the National Partnership for Women and Families, Arlington Food Pantry, The Greater Boston Food Bankthe Free Wheelchair Mission, the Housing Corporation of Arlington, Partners in Health, Doctors Without Borders, the Museum of Fine Arts, Project Sleep, the Pann Mass Challenge, Wikimedia Foundation, Regina Holiday’s Cinderblocks and the Walking Gallery, Mothers Out Front, the Hispanic Federation, the Arlington Library Foundation, the Harlem Jazz Museum, and several others. We thank them for their inspired and inspiring work. We are one.

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  • Enid Segal says:

    Beautiful post Danny. I stand right with you in blessings, thanks and gratitude towards those working to inspire other by example. My list of those I show my personal gratitude to monetarily is much the the same as yours though it matters not who we are individually contributing to as there are so very many different forms and formats for us all to assist others.
    As the weather grows colder, may hearts grow warmer lending all that’s feasible to those around us in need. We are indeed one

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