Engagement after the Olympics – a Marathon not a Sprint

By February 16, 2014Advocate, Leader
 I’m watching the Olympics a lot this week. These athletes are so focused and consumed with their event. Many of us committed to participatory health have a similar focus in our health journey or the health journey of those we support – head down, training, grinding, overcoming the next obstacle. Eventually, periodically we can take a moment or an hour or more to look up and take in the landscape. Our outward attention is dear. What’s the road map for expanding the circle of a participatory health care culture?  How do we make best use of those moments to engage others? I’m a person who likes to have an impact and enjoy myself in the process. I think about the culture of health care pretty broadly. We can impact our homes, our extended families and networks, our communities, our clinics and doctors’ offices, our institutions, and our government. Remember, while most chatter is about health care within institutions and government, in balance most happens outside in families, networks, and communities. So, list those scenarios, locations, subjects that you have a passion for. Show up. Find others you meet who are trying to have an impact – for me its this blog, the Society of Participatory Medicine, HIMSS’ Connected Patient Committee, PCORI, and now my town’s Disability Commission. Note those you see as a role model – engage them, copy them, join them. The good news is that there’s so much opportunity. If you try something that doesn’t feel right-no impact, not fun – there’s always something else to try. Move along-again your energy is dear. Meanwhile, take care of yourself – you’re dear to us. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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