First, we listen

By May 6, 2013January 6th, 2019Leader
First, we listen. The tagline for the organization I work for now. Inspiring! Challenging! As an e-Patient and professional change agent in health care, it’s music to my ears. How do I learn about a new organization in a new environment? How do I listen? At what pace do I jump in and participate? Much of what I hear leaves me an enthusiasing teenager: OMG (Oh my God), that’s fabulous! Every hour I discover something else that I didn’t know I didn’t know. Some of it starts my wheels turning to solve the low hanging puzzles of organizational alignment (everybody rowing in the same direction). But a new guy, is a new guy. He’s curious for only a minute. Then the team work begins. So, I’m listening, integrating (cataloging and categorizing) what I hear and see, building relationships, asking, What can I do for you?, taking a breath, playing some music, hanging out with my grandsons.  Life is good.  Listening – a magic lever for best health.

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