First, I Listen – Improv

By May 26, 2013November 5th, 2017Consumer, Musician
As I wrote a few weeks ago, First, we listen, is the tag line of Advocates, Inc., my current employer. The power of listening continues to move me in my work and my music. I’m finding it relatively easy to listen 50% of the time, 75% is a serious challenge.  My energy comes out of my mouth – somehow, mouth open closes my ears – must be a check valve. It’s not just opening my ears, it’s pausing my mind. What’s helped is my music. Working on improvisation, I often lose my place in the tune. I’ve been trying to listen to the rhythm and chord changes and play fewer notes. Play a few notes, pause, hear and feel the rhythm and chord structure, play a few more notes. Focus on the space between beats and notes. Play simply. It’s technically easier and makes more sense and I get lost less often. Hmmmm. At work and playing with the combo I get more nods. Nods are good. Some people are master listeners – my wife, my 2-year old grandson, my primary care doc, and Miles Davis. Is listening a magic lever of best health?


  • Danny says:

    Thanks Sue

  • Sue Spivack says:

    Wonderful Danny–a real keeper for me, and you say it perfectly! Thanks.

  • KathyPooler says:

    Danny, listening is an ultimate challenge and skill under the best of circumstances. You nailed it–we need to first pause and be still long enough to catch the rhythm. Lovely analogy. Music helps us connect. “Magic lever of best health”..Indeed. Love it!

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