Found a new neurologist! So relieved

By December 7, 2013Consumer, ePatient
Found a new neurologist! So relieved. What if … I have a relapse and have no doc? Anyway. First good sign – he had read my record before the visit and had a list of questions for me. “What’s important to you?” He wrote down my answer, “maintain function as long as possible, no meds that will make me depressed.”  Next, asked what works for my symptoms. When I told him about massage and acupuncture, he said, “I know about drugs. I’m delighted when something else works.” Asked him how do I get hold of him? “E-mail works best if it’s not emergent. I’ll respond within 24 hours. If its urgent, call my office and tell my staff to tell me to check my e-mail.” When I asked about my prognosis, he said, “I’ve no crystal ball. Stay strong as you can,less likely to fall, less like to have a serious injury when you do. I’ll help you manage any symptoms of progression.” My  kind of team member!

On another note: Nelson Mandela died this week. You know I’m into magic levers – small things that have profound effect. As Seth Godin said about Mandela, “Your lever is far longer than you imagine it is, if you choose to use it.” Inspires me.

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