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By December 2, 2018November 28th, 2020Advocate, Podcasts

At some point, when we feel strong enough or mad enough, we want to take action to improve health. This is advocacy. Many of us advocate for someone, sometime. Or we want to. Ourselves, our family members, our cronies, our community. What lessons can we learn from a master at advocacy? I interview Mary Sue Schottenfels, Director of ClearCorps Detroit, a seasoned community organizer, a master advocate.

The lessons I heard from Mary Sue were:

  • Don’t go it alone-join, network, and collaborate.
  • Keep your word, follow through.

Those seem like such no-brainers. The interesting thing about people who are masters at what they do is that they have learned and leveraged the common sense basics. And they persist. While we can certainly learn from masters like Mary Sue, we still need to learn for ourselves. She learned it over 30+ years. And her advocacy didn’t stop. The focus shifted, from lead abatement to asthma prevention back to lead abatement. Advocacy never stops in healthcare. Don’t be silent, advocate. May the force be with you.

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Episode Notes

Photo by Sarah Ferrante Goodrich on Unsplash


ClearCorps Detroit

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