Humor in a Once in a Lifetime Experience

By November 29, 2014Caregiver, ePatient, Family man

Today my mother said this was a once in a lifetime experience. Ha. What a sense of humor.  Last week she talked about the 5 P’s of her life – Pillow. Pee, Poop. Pill, and Pain. I’m laughing and crying.  Six weeks ago she went to the orthopedic doc wondering about her sore knee.  She didn’t want surgery.  He wrote her a prescription: You can dance. Then he told her if it hurts too much, do less the next time.  This morning I asked her what she was doing for fun. She said talking to me and my sisters. When I reminded her about the ortho prescription, she said, I could still dance with Loretta-a few steps anyway. Once in a lifetime experience.


  • Marcia says:

    Danny: let us know if you need a ride from airport

  • Ruth, I am enjoying your style! you and Danny make me smile. I was thinking about you this morning. One of our meeting house songs came to mind. When i am breathing in I breath in love when i am breathing out I breath out peace. It is good to know you are finding humor and making others smile. Well my thoughts are with you for this once in a life time event.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ruth, you have always had a wonderful sense of humor and Danny takes right after you. Love the hats and especially the 5 p’s. Humor keeps us positive doesn’t it. And I’m sending lots of positive thought to you Ruth and to your family.
    Bobbi Karpinski

  • Ruth, I miss your smiling face and gentle disposition. I’m sending my thoughts and prayers that your final dance will be peaceful. Stuart Showalter

  • Anonymous says:

    I wrote yesterday that this is Ruth’s final dance, not a battle as some people say. Clearly Danny also has a sense of humor and I love the hat pictures. May you 2 have a final dance together when Danny visits in a couple of week. We love you both. Peggy and John

  • Ruth and Danny, your post this morning reminded me of a song we sing at church, Dance with me. That reminded me of a dance I had with you, Ruth at my wedding. We danced as Drew played and your face looked as happy as mine. Thank you for that dance. I love you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Danny, we’ve met but briefly in the past, so I “know” you only through your wonderful mom. I love that “humor once in a lifetime” blog entry. The 5 p’s – Precious.

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