If it were my life…..

By October 6, 2013Caregiver, ePatient, Family man
Health team relationships challenge me as much as any relationship. Especially the advice part. Some people are very free giving advice, some are comfortable getting advice. I’m free with giving advice and very mixed at receiving it. The worse I feel, the harder it is to listen for the germ of truth in the advice given, solicited or unsolicited. Unfortunately, the worse I feel – thinking less clearly, tired, worried –  the more I need good advice. My first reaction is to usually to resist advice.  Who do they think they are? Yes, but…. Yet, they’re on my health team. I chose them.

My uncle used to host dream groups – sharing and interpreting dreams. Someone would tell their dream and then the others would say, If that was my dream, it would mean…. an easier way to hear people talk about my dream. Seemed like a more equal power dynamic or something. My wife and I have had some of our worse times together driving. We are both serious back seat drivers. I wish I could learn to say, if I was driving, I would… Same with my health team:  If it were my life, I would …. Think I’ll try that.

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