Magic levers of cultural change

By January 24, 2013February 9th, 2013Advocate, Caregiver, Clinician, Consumer, ePatient, Leader
I’m traveling these days in many bands of committed people and groups striving to improve the health journey for themselves, their loved ones, and patients in general. These bands include advocates, novice and seasoned entrepreneurs, trade associations, providers of care across the continuum; and governmental and quasi-governmental entities. Each band slogs through terrain of incredulity, frustration, anger, hopelessness, and desperation with winds of dedication, confidence, hope, and possibility at their backs.

While traveling in these many bands, I periodically step aside to rest and contemplate change – process and cultural change. What do I expect, what do I want, am I using my limited energy wisely? Frankly, I don’t expect much. Cultural change in a complex system with nonsensical incentives, without clear leaders, with so much money, and seemingly stuck in cement is a bitch. I just aspire to a little better, some of the time. I want my family and fellow travelers to get the care they need, when and where they need it. I want to have fun while traveling. My personal energy is holding up – so far so good. But is my energy being used effectively? Do I make a difference
My tag line for this blog is Discovering the magic levers of best health. Small efforts making a big difference. I gravitate toward mentoring and supporting formal and informal leaders, initiatives that advance just-in-time decision-making, and increasing the voices of patients in health care. I’m particularly interested in learning what it takes for an idea to further patient, caregiver, and clinician relationships to move to product concept and then production. Are these magic levers of process and cultural change? I think so, I hope so. What do you think? What are other magic levers?

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