Making a Difference?

By August 2, 2015Advocate, Caregiver, Leader
On the phone with my friend and fellow-blogger, Cristin Lind, wondering if we are making a difference. In our many years of advocacy for person-centered health, has the dialed moved? We are change agents. How do we know if we’ve accomplished anything? How do we recognize change in an ocean?  Can one person reducing climate change? How do we know if health is more person-centered?
I closed on a job once by saying I wanted my family to get fabulous care and service where I hoped to work; I wanted the place to be an inch better when I leave as when I start; and I wanted to have fun. These barometers work for me! The first is the vision. I want to be able to recommend where I work. I need to listen to consumers of our services to be sure they would recommend, too. The second is realism. I am one person. It’s not about me. My legacy will likely be small, but present.  If it’s big, fabulous. The last – having fun – is fuel for the engine.  I was in a meeting last week with several people about a project.  One of my staff was with me.  She had done her homework, was prepared, was brave, inciteful, and well received.  That was fun, that was fuel!
How do you know if you’re making a difference? What’s your fuel?

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  • Sue says:

    Another one–perfectly stated. I love your question– “How do we recognize change in an ocean?” I love your “realism” we’re each just “one person.” So easy to forget–thanks for the reminders.

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