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By June 1, 2013Advocate, Leader
I’ve received many notes asking about my new job as VP of Quality Management at Advocates, Inc.  Advocates’ services are designed to meet the unique needs of elders, families and individuals with mental health challenges, addiction, developmental/intellectual disabilities, autism, brain injury and other life challenges. Advocate employs over 1100 staff members and serves 20,000 individuals at over 100 sites across Eastern and Central Massachusetts. The services include Residential Supports, Outpatient Mental Health and Addiction, Psychiatric Emergency Services, Home-Based Services for Children and Families, Community Justice, Advocacy, Benefits and Legal Services, Family Supports, Employment and Vocational Services, and Day Habilitation. At the heart of all Advocates services is a commitment to partnering with the individuals we support and, where appropriate, their family members, so that they can lead full and satisfying lives of their own design. We practice a person-centered approach that respects the unique needs, wishes and abilities of each individual.

Quality Management is a service department that ensures every corner of Advocates stands public scrutiny at any time with total transparency and is a department that informs the story leading to selection of Advocates as the provider of choice. As you’ve heard in my past few posts our tag line is, First, We Listen. Since, by nature I’m an energetic fixer, I work hard at closing my mouth and quieting my brain until I can reflect on what I’ve heard and learned. What I’ve heard and learned is that Advocates is its mission. So very cool. The sense of mission pervades the organization from top to bottom, hardwired into the fabric with notable champions at every level. Advocates’ leaders inspire me – a rare combination of skill, experience, kindness, humility, and openness across the team. I’m proud to be jumping aboard this moving train. The awesome scope and breath of Advocate’s services is both its value and challenge. Leadership is mindful of ensuring that its infrastructure and systems capabilities keep up with its growth. My colleagues in Quality Management  are a pleasure-kind, compassionate, driven, and know the business thoroughly. We’re team building and aligning. My intelligence gathering has led me down roads of licensing and regulations, contracts, grants, understanding and managing adverse events, decision-making, communication and document flow, strategies in the development of an electronic health record, outcomes for health and wellness, leadership development, and keeping the mission alive and vibrant. I’m working at a rare commodity – a healthy health care organization. I’m in heaven. Stay tuned.


  • healthythinker says:

    Danny, this job has your name and spirit written all over it! I’m so thrilled for your Renaissance. Best of luck – you’ll continue to change the world for the better! J

  • Richard Rieger says:

    sounds like it was worth the wait and I’m guessing a few trials and tribulations… Your energy and talent will be appreciated, I’m sure…

  • Advocates, Inc. sounds like a wonderful organization, Danny, and it’s great to hear that you’re “in heaven” there. I’m sure that you bring a lot to the organization too and look forward to hearing more in the years to come on the insights, accomplishments and successes made for the patients who are being served. Well done!

  • Brad Tritle says:

    Thanks for sharing about your new job, Danny! Advocates sounds like a great organization, delivering some very-much needed services. Your unique combination of skills will bring great value to the organization as they grow to meet the expanding number of Seniors.

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