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Camino de Santiago, Spain. Pilgrimage of sounds. #20 & 156

By Advocate, ePatient, Family man, Podcasts 2 Comments

I found myself on a pilgrimage of sounds. Disabled. Left out. Mobile. Podcasting in Spain from my wheelchair in 2019. Portugal Camino next. Anything different? Buen Camino

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Coaching for Peak Performance and Best Health – 2021 #153

By Advocate, Caregiver, ePatient, Family man, Leader, Musician, Podcasts No Comments

Coaching, critical to my success in life, art, politics, advocacy. Still need to do my own work & make choices. Listen to a session with one of my coaches, Jan Oldenburg.

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Continuously Learn What Works #148

By Advocate, Clinician, ePatient, Informaticist, Podcasts No Comments

These three stories, my doctor and me, equity in health systems, care of children with severe heart problems, all contain a problem desperately needing fixing, choices – some based as research, others not – some action taken or no action. How can we continually learn from experience, share that cumulative experience to inform future choice-making and action?

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