Oatmeal for Break

By December 15, 2013Consumer, ePatient, Family man
Today, I’m a bit overwhelmed with my self-committed obligations: write a blog, finish the family birthday calendar, print the Xmas cards, be a good member of my in-person and virtual teams (professional, community, family), take my medicine, play music, exercise, eat well, rest enough… OMG. Why do I do this? Am I nuts? What would I do instead?  It’s all so fun, except when it isn’t. What would I be if I didn’t do all this stuff? A shell, a zombie, a wraith? The zen of balance. Mostly I feel balanced. My barometer at work is: feel like I can manage 3 days a week and wonder if I can manage 2 days a week.  If it’s the other way around it’s too crazy. If I can handle it more than 3 days a week I’m not pushing the envelope enough.  So, it’s oatmeal for breakfast.  Thank God I love oatmeal. Have a good week!


  • Benjy vL says:

    “Wraith with a Horn.” Brilliant! Indeed, balance can be tricky.
    As a gleeful recipient, the calendar proves it is worth it, frequently. I recently needed contact info (an updated list comes with the calendar annually) which I could not find- not in this phone, that phone, or various computers. Thank god Danny sends me a calendar every year!

  • Mike Brennan says:

    Anytime in there for prayer and meditation? I’m reading Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen, and he thinks it is important. Remember that you are the beloved son of God, and that his favor is upon you. You are blessed, and you are driven to do all the good things you do to bless others ( you have blessed me many times over!), but you are not blessed because you do things. be gentle with yourself, my friend.

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