Person-First Safe Living in a Pandemic: Part 2: Finding Guidance

Danny van Leeuwen

Danny van Leeuwen

Patient/Caregiver activist: learn on the journey toward best health


  • Susan Spivack says:

    Wow Danny, I’m totally impressed with the research you and your hardy band are doing. It is way too technical for me to do more than browse a lot of this article–and I didn’t have time to read last week’s–my brothers are in crisis in Cal. and it’s eaten up most of my optional time and then some for at least 6 weeks. I’ll wait for your groups take-away and summations I think. My instinct with the latest bad surging of the pandemic, and today’s news that the Brits have found the virus is morphing again, is to just double down on me and Jay isolating ourselves and looking forward to when we can get the vaccine. It’s gotten to be habit now–this distanced, contricted living style–not wonderful, but we do feel well and pretty safe. May you and Ann enjoy a celebratory Christmas and New Year with your kids and grandkids, and whoever else is in your pod. And may we all see an end to this pandemic in 2021, plus a comeback from all the damage done in the Trump years.
    Love and peace,

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