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Introducing Health Hats Patreon Page

By April 16, 2023April 21st, 2023Podcasts
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Introducing you to my new Patreon page so that I can earn some revenue to help me keep the lights on. Fans can pay a $small amount each month for bonus rewards.

About the Show

Welcome to Health Hats, learning on the journey toward best health. I am Danny van Leeuwen, a two-legged, old, cisgender, white man with privilege, living in a food oasis, who can afford many hats and knows a little about a lot of healthcare and a lot about very little. Most people wear hats one at a time, but I wear them all at once.  I’m the Rosetta Stone of Healthcare. We will listen and learn about what it takes to adjust to life’s realities in the awesome circus of healthcare.  Let’s make some sense of all this.

We respect Listeners, Watchers, and Readers. Show Notes at the end.

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The same content as the podcast, but not a verbatim transcript. A newsletter-like version with images. Could be a book chapter. download the printable transcript here

Episode Notes

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The views and opinions presented in this podcast and publication are solely my responsibility and do not necessarily represent the views of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute®  (PCORI®), its Board of Governors, or Methodology Committee. Danny van Leeuwen (Health Hats)

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Creative Commons Licensing

The material found on this website created by me is Open Source and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. Anyone may use the material (written, audio, or video) freely at no charge.  Please cite the source as: ‘From Danny van Leeuwen, Health Hats. (including the link to my website). I welcome edits and improvements.  Please let me know. The material on this site created by others is theirs and use follows their guidelines.

The Show

Hey there. As one of my blogging, podcasting, and vlogging cronies, I’m excited to share a sneak peek of a big upcoming launch with you and see what you think.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a Patreon page so that I can earn some more ongoing revenue through my fans to help me keep the lights on. With Patreon, fans can pay a small amount of money each month in exchange for some bonus rewards. The “About” tab tells you more.

Free will remain an option.

I’ve launched my page, but it isn’t finalized. Go here. Click on the “About” and “Membership” tabs. I’d love to hear any feedback you have about it before I make it live for the world.

Specifically, Does everything make sense? Is it clear what Patreon is and what fans get out of joining my community?

What do you think of the rewards?

Do any, in particular, stand out as things you would join Patreon for?

Is there anyone you think I should connect with to help spread the word once I launch?

Thanks for letting me know what you think. I’m excited to get this off the ground and couldn’t do it without the support of friends, and family like you.

I’ll be sending out an email to my mailing list subscribers once I launch. So feel free to add your email here if you’d like to stay in the know. I’m looking forward to incorporating your feedback into my final page. Thanks.

Danny van Leeuwen

Patient/Caregiver activist: learn on the journey toward best health

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