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16, Sophomore, All-In

Welcome to the Health Hats podcast series about young adults transitioning from pediatric to adult medical care. In this series, I interview young adults with complex medical conditions, their parent or guardians, point-of-care clinicians caring for these young adults, and whoever else I find of interest in this fascinating, frustrating, heart-breaking, and inspiring world.

This second podcast of the series is with Sara Lorraine Snyder, a fine, eloquent, young woman who has lived her entire life with chronic medical issues. She’s learning to drive her own healthcare and manage the transition to adult medical care.

“If you were playing with the team for football or whatever and then they come you come in the next practice and half of your team is completely new people that you don’t even know and  then you don’t know how to effectively work with that team so that in the end of the day you can win or like achieve, whatever you need to.” Sara Lorraine Snyder

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Time-stamped sections


Podcast introduction. 1

Sara Lorraine Snyder 00:49. 2

Series introduction 01:18. 2

Please contribute. 2

Introducing Sara Lorraine 02:48. 2

Who’s driving your car? 03:25. 3

What does health look like to you? 04:57. 3

Accepting me for who I am.. 4

Looking forward to adulthood 08:23. 4

How do you manage? 09:20. 5

How would you advise other young adults? 12:51. 6

First discovering health issues 15:03. 6

Transitioning from pediatric to adult medical care 17:13. 7

Do you have a primary doctor? 18:33. 7

How’re you going to pay? 21:28. 8

What about college and music? 21:57. 8

Sara’s all-in 26:13. 10

Follow my blog and podcast 27:24  10

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Music by permission from Joey van Leeuwen, New Orleans Drummer, Composer

Photo by Jeremy Dorrough on Unsplash

About the Show

Welcome to Health Hats, empowering people as they travel together toward best health. I am Danny van Leeuwen, a two-legged, old, white man with privilege, living in a food oasis, who can afford many hats and knows a little about a lot of healthcare and a lot about very little. Most people wear hats one at a time, but I wear them all at once.  We will listen and learn about what it takes to adjust to life’s realities in healthcare’s Tower of Babel.  Let’s make some sense of all this.

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Danny van Leeuwen

Patient/Caregiver activist: learn on the journey toward best health

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  • Susan Spivack says:

    This is great, Danny. I’m so glad I can read the transcript–I’m very moved by the inverview with Sara and look forward to the one with her mom. Thanks!