Work-Life Balance

By May 11, 2013ePatient, Musician
Once again, I’m self-focused as I transition from sabbatical to full employment.  This too will pass:) After 2 weeks I’m acutely aware of my struggle to keep up my exercise, diet, family time, and music, not to mention all the non-work professional activities that accrued during my sabbatical. Fortunately, my new work environment is both intensely busy, focused, rewarding and actively supportive of work-life balance. My strategy so far is to book family time first, only a little scaled back. Then I’ve cut my music time easily in half, but I haven’t yet figured that out – not cutting any group playing – the combo and big band. Two gigs coming up. The job has a jam once a month. Longer between lessons? Oh, lord. Exercise is harder. Maybe ride the trike every third day and not every other day. Strangely, diet is easier. I’m so much more deliberate about my meals – packing a lunch. I think my diet is better and I’m losing the few pounds I’ve gained during the sabbatical. Longer between massages? I hate to. Makes so much difference in my overall well-being. I will maintain this weekly blog. You all are a gas and a half. Much less TV. What’s suffering most is time with my wife. I definitely need to schedule some date time!! Work-life balance: a magic lever of best health.

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