Born again customer service

A car rental experience from hell. Took 2 1/2 hours to complete car rental.  Poor signage, walked 3/4 miles to wrong location. All systems down. Only one person registering. Hour to wait in line to get car. Gave us a car from wrong vendor. Told to drive wrong car around to front of lot. Got lost.  Then no clean cars to rent. Beleaguered staff showed exemplary customer service. They made the experience possible, but we’ll still never use that company again. The e-systems didn’t work, the lot was poorly organized and they were grossly understaffed. Sound familiar? Happens in health car regularly. Customer service helps to survive the moment, but can’t bandaid bad management and poorly designed systems. Renting cars is a luxury, health care is not. Does born again customer service in health care supplant good systems and good management?

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