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Embracing your friend, ignorance

Pondering ignorance this week. Not so much the ignorance we see with politicians (although that can be quite awesome on a massive scale), but the not knowing. Discovering a realm of not knowing you didn’t know existed. I’ve seen varied reactions: mild curiosity, questioning, enthusiastic digging and pulling, fear and whining. I participated in a Patient Shark Tank yesterday. A Shark Tank is a forum where aspiring entrepreneurs make business presentations to a panel of “shark” investors (or in my case, patients). I saw a combination of not knowing what they didn’t know and enthusiastic digging and pulling new information through research, interviews, and testing. These aspirants welcomed someone shining a light on something they didn’t know they didn’t know. This week members of my team asked many questions when finding something they didn’t know – clarifying, defining, path finding questions. Fear is me when I got the diagnosis of MS and was told I needed to walk with a cane.  I whined to my son, I’m 50 years old and I need a cane. Mind shut down, paralyzed, dependent. Oh get over it pop, it’s just another accessory. Ignorance is your friend – possibilities and adventure ahead.