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This week I’m experiencing a melding of grief and grace. Grief: My multiple sclerosis is progressing a bit.  I’m a little more unsteady, my left leg feels weaker, it’s buckling at times. A disheartening reality of a progressive chronic disease. Why me? Sorry me. What’s my future look like? Grace: I accept what is. I’m weaker. My energy is unflagging. My mind is strong. Music is god sent. My family fills my heart.  I’ve meaningful work. I’m writing to you.  

I met a fine gentleman at the World Medical Informatics Conference, Steven Overman, a rheumatologist. He co-wrote a book with Joy Selak, You Don’t Look Sick, Living Well with Invisible Chronic IllnessI highly recommend it. Frames my experience and extends my empathy for others, although they write about conditions far worse than mine. I have little, transient pain. I’m functioning well 90% of the time. I’m surrounded by love and compassion at home and at work.
Unexpected grace
At every party and
At every parting
Aren’t haikus a gas?!



  • KathyPooler says:

    Amen, Danny. Focus on the grace and give the grief the attention it needs without letting it consume you. Love your thoughts and your poem. I’m with you, my friend.

  • todd says:

    Thanks Danny for sharing your thoughts again – love the haiku. I can picture you laughing as you wrote it.

  • Sue says:

    thanks for this Danny–and for giving words once again to the mix of emotions that come with living with ms or any chronic disease or human difficulty. and I love the haiku
    love sue

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