I’m So Discouraged

Several times this week I heard a variation on: I’m so discouraged, I thought I was doing better. I just keep sliding back. I really suck at this. The topics: meditating every day, losing weight, managing anxiety, soloing, recovering from surgery. I heard each from more than one person. Several people said it about multiple things. One person, me, said it about losing weight and soloing. Two things strike me here. First, sucking and second sliding back. Can’t we give ourselves a break and celebrate that we’re trying? I’m trying to meditate every day, lose weight, improve my mental health, solo on my sax!!!! Yippee for me. Yippee for us!!! Recovering, healing, learning, changing habits doesn’t happen in a straight upward line, steadily better. It’s two steps forward, one step back. It’s up and down, first wildly so, then smaller cycles of up and down, over time with forward progress. Looking at just 2 data points only frustrates us, since we tend to recognize the down after the up, rather than the up after the down. In each of the scenarios someone heard the other and provided a good job, way to go, keep it up, keep me posted, call me anytime

I honor you’re work of healing, learning, recovering. Good job, way to go, keep me posted, call me anytime.


  • Luc R Pelletier says:

    Good job, way to go, keep me posted, call me anytime.

  • Sue says:

    Another post that’s so right-on. Thanks Danny. I’ve got more and more loved ones who are contending with one kind or another difficult medical condition. Your words are needed by all of us

  • krpooler says:

    Danny, thanks for this great reminder of finding the blessings (usually right under our noses) in our journeys, despite the trials. Attitude is everything. As long as we have a dream and a purpose, we can put one foot in front of the other. Keep on playing that sax and making it happen. You are an inspiration. Sending hugs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great post! It is all about the journey and the people who touch you.

  • Carol Band says:

    Great post! It’s all about the journey. We’re all on one. Just in different places with our own unique potholes.

  • Joyce Slater says:

    Danny, I’m always amazed at how you always sees the bigger picture, the glass half full, and the blogs you continue to find topics for. Your mind is constantly on the move, hope it is able to shut down so you can meditate. Thank you for so much encouragement. Love ya!

  • Gloria says:

    Thank you! I needed that.

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