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Pillow, pills, poop, piss, and pain

By January 13, 2019February 27th, 2019Caregiver, Family man, Podcasts
  • Blood, sweat, tears shared by two.
  • Helping one end and another begin.
  • A disaster that ultimately gives back.
  • Hearts clubbed by diamonds in spades.
  • We learned, we cried, we continued.

Episode Summary

Denise Brown of asked caregivers for their 6-word story about caregiving. Brilliant!

Welcome to Men Caregivers, Part 2, the Panel.  Part 1 was interviews with the panel, Ben Carter, Patrick Egan, Jolyon Hallows, and yours truly. All at the National Caregiving Conference in Chicago in November 2018.

Here are some of our 6-word stories:

  • We did it because we could
  • Pillows, pills, poop, piss, and pain
  • 20 years a caregiver. I adapted.
  • Key word isn’t ‘men’, it’s ‘caregiving’
  • Personal care? It depends? Mother, wife?
  • Managing the Dis Ease of Disease

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Full Transcript

Pillow, pills, poop, piss, and pain

Episode Intro

00:46 Podcast Intro


02:09 We did it because we could

Jolyon Hallows

Ben Carter

04:21 90-day caregiving experience with Mommy

Health Hats

06:46 Pillows, pills, poop, piss, and pain

Patrick Egan

10:47 Caregiving stronger with a diverse community

Jolyon Hallows

13:48 20-years a caregiver. I adapted.

Patrick Egan

16:40 Statistics about Men Caregivers: The numbers

Ben Carter

18:47 Welcome the new VP of Caregiving

Health Hats

22:05 My advice: Take care of yourselves

Patrick Egan


24:09 Male panel? Or highlight other diversities?

Patrick Egan

25:08 Key word isn’t ‘men’, it’s ‘caregiving’

Jolyon Hallows

27:10 Not so many men here. Why?

Ben Carter

28:29 We didn’t know we were caregivers

30:27 We learned, we cried, we continued


33:41 Personal care? It depends? Mother, wife?

Ben Carter

35:06 Managing the Dis Ease of disease

36:30 Mindfulness. Be in the moment. Deeper.

Jolyon Hallows

40:06 Problem solver can’t solve them all

Patrick Egan


41:40 Backlash against men in nurturing roles

Health Hats

Patrick Egan

44:18 Competing? Caregiver conference run by men


45:13 Brothers not caring for mom’s hygiene

Jolyon Hallows

46:46 Difference between wife and mom as caree

Health Hats

47:41 Different abilities. Different willingness. Gender-related?

Ben Carter

48:35 What grandmother wouldn’t let me see

50:30 Mommy don’t die. Can’t face it.

Wrap up

51:44 Healing, therapeutic session. Wrap it up

Podcast Outro


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 Episode Notes


Blogs, articles, resources on  my website about caregiving

Jolyon Hallows’ book: A Parkinson’s Life: And a Caregiver’s Roadmap

Ben Carter Coaching Experience

Patrick Egan, Tech That Cares

Jolyon Hallows website

Woke Daddy

Family Caregiver Alliance: Caregiver Statistics

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