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The Equitable Jab Blues – Word Jazz

By January 31, 2021February 21st, 2022Advocate, Consumer, ePatient, Musician, Podcasts
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Going a bit nuts, a ray of hope, finding the vaccine, inequities galore. Get the vaccine, keep wearing your mask, physically distance, keep the faith. Best listened to.

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Episode Notes

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Music by permission from Joey van Leeuwen, Drummer, Composer, Arranger

Web and Social Media Coach Kayla Nelson @lifeoflesion

Photo by Steven Cornfield on Unsplash

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Thanks to these fine people who inspired me for this episode: Jennifer Keeney, Allison Cofone, Rebecca Archer, Curtis Cates, Jeff Harrington, Joey, Jason, Lisa, and Oscar van Leeuwen, Steve Heatherington, Gabrielle Pitman, Sara Lorraine Snyder, Kayla Nelson, Amy Price, Michael Boland, Stephanie Oden, Valerie Smith, Janice McCallum, Cherie Binns

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Ken Nordeen Word Jazz

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The Show

I’ve got the Covid Isolation Blues. I never go anywhere. OK, life is good. I love working from home.  My wife and I get along fine. We got a dog. I take my daily walks. But enough already! Somebody doesn’t turn on their video, I wanna cry. This is crazy. Let me out!

I wanna hug my kids and grandkids.  I wanna celebrate paying off our mortgage – a dinner out, a live show, and late-night bar hopping. OK, we never bar hopped. But this coronavirus isolation is getting old. I’ve got the COVID Vaccination Blues.

OMG, deep cleansing breath. A sliver of hope with a new administration prepared to follow the science and not try to fool us with happy talk. Dr. Fauci is unleashed. We have vaccinations! I want to get into the queue. Now! I have a fever for the jab.

But, what a mess. I’m on all sorts of federal, state, and local lists. I never hear anything. Each health system says they’re not providing vaccinations. Our local health department said, ‘we’re only getting 40% of the doses we were promised.’ I’ve got the COVID Vaccination Blues.

I got a text last week from a friend. ‘Go to the pharmacy site and register for the vaccine. They’re doing a pilot in NY and MA. But there’s a glitch in the software. You have to answer the first question, ‘Do you live in NY?’ with a yes.’ Even though I live in MA.

‘If you say no, you can’t schedule an appointment. If you say yes, you’ll be able to select the MA pilot site.’ Now, I’m 68 with several underlying conditions, on immunosuppressive infusions, with low risk of exposure. I’m relatively healthy, mobile, and safe. I’ve got the Equitable Jab Blues.

I should be in Phase 2b.  MA is still in phase 1. People over 75 come before me. I went to the web site, followed the insider instructions, got an appointment, and received my first dose last Sunday. Yeah!

The CDC says priority recommendations were made with these goals in mind:

  • Decrease death and serious disease as much as possible.
  • Preserve functioning of society.
  • Reduce the extra burden COVID-19 is having on people already facing disparities.

Makes sense, but then every state, locality, and apparently, pharmacy chain all interpret these priorities differently. I should be delighted, I’m aware of my privilege – white, middle class, insured, great access.  Someone looped me into the pilot and told me how to be successful. but now I have the Equitable Jab Blue

I jumped the line. I got the jab.  I’m getting the vaccine a month or two early. I know I’m only one person. My heart’s in the right place. This feels like a minor inequity. I still have the Equitable Jab Blues.

Many people with all sorts of serious illnesses or living with many people in small spaces or working with people shoulder to shoulder or in service and retail where customers don’t wear masks and keep their distance. They have the Equitable Jab Blues, too.

Once again, this pandemic shines a bright light on thoughtless or non-existing systems for inclusion and equity in medical and public healthcare. The burden of this pandemic disaster falls disproportionately on people who allow me to be safe. We should all have the Equitable Jab Blues

This country is amazing in its creation of the vaccine and awful at getting it people’s arms. We don’t value and support the infrastructure for public health. We wear blinders when it’s not in our faces. We’d rather respond to disasters than prepare for them or prevent them.  I have the Equitable Jab Blues.

For people in recovery from anything that weakens you, the riskiest time is just as you’re feeling better. You want to do too much and suffer a setback. Right now, we can faintly smell better, if your smell works.  We have the Equitable Jab Blues.

Everything’s OK. One foot in front of the other.  Keep wearing the mask, physically distance, wash your hands, get vaccinated when you can. Thanks for listening to my rant. Keep the faith. We have the Equitable Jab Blues.

What a hoot. You just heard a taste of word jazz.  Ever heard of Ken Nordeen?  He was the king of word jazz. Click the link or check the show notes for more.

Danny van Leeuwen

Patient/Caregiver activist: learn on the journey toward best health


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