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Camino de Santiago 2022: Pilgrimage with Angels

By May 8, 2022December 6th, 2023ePatient, Family man, Podcasts, Video
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Lost my wheelchair charge on Day 1. OMG. Busted. Until angels stepped in. Grateful, grateful, grateful

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The Show

Okay, let me see if I could tell you a story while I’m going. So it’s the story of angels. And I started the first day on our trip. I realized that for whatever reason, I didn’t have my charger and I had a Plan A, Plan B and a Plan C. With a Plan A was that we find somebody in Porto that could sell a charger that was appropriate. Plan B was somebody who would rent me a chair that had a charger. And I just take the charger and Plan C I guess I had a plan D. Plan C was to take just to rent a chair, another chair, and then the plan was to have my son Simon get one from. The plan D was, he did get the charger from the company in Austin.

When I got my truck, well plan, they didn’t work. Nobody had plan B didn’t work because. Like there’s nothing to rent because I would’ve had to bring the chair back to the Porto from Santiago de Compostella. Plan D was that the company ForceMech couldn’t ship it directly because they weren’t allowed.

So I, we ended up calling like all these different companies. I didn’t, I actually, I called nobody, my wife, Linda few people call companies the hotel that we were staying at. Nothing. So I started arranging with my son to have the chargers sent to him in Boston, and then he would ship it next day delivery. If the charter cost of $200 to get it through the travel agent who would then get it for me. Meanwhile, we got a phone call. Linda got a phone call from one of the company, people that one of the companies that she had spoken with and they said, oh, we just been thinking about you and you just so wanted you to, you know, be able to, you can’t imagine how you could go without a charger and it would ruin your vacation. And they, and they said, so we called all our customers or a bunch of our customers, and we found somebody that had a charger you could use. And they went to that person, borrowed it and then they drove it to our hotel. And I’ve, that’s what I’ve been using. That’s an angel. And you know, my son, the ForceMech company, everybody did their part, but it never got out of with FedEx Brussels. So two weeks later, I’m going to get it. Just one more. I’m already way to go home. That’s my story.







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