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Bonus #5: Continuous Learning in My Sandbox

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Celebrating my audience. Describing my multimedia journey, stats, ongoing advocacy, future episodes and a musical bonus featuring the host on the Bari Sax.

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Welcome to this bonus episode of Health Hats, the Podcast for subscribers I appreciate. Life is good while I play in the sandbox of audio-visual communication about best health. One of my Reckoning colleagues (we review each other’s podcasts), Craig Constantine, describes his audience in each episode so he remains focused. I look at the bobbleheads on my windowsill: Scarecrow, Rosie, the Riveter, and Scully from the X-files. My audience is people who help people on their journey toward best health through caregiving, technology, measurement, spiritual strength, and planning. You get the idea.

For an added treat. At the end of this post, I’ll include Lechuga Fresca Latin band playing El Quitrin by Bebo Valdez with me on the Bari Sax. Link here if you want to listen now.

Podcast intro

Welcome to Health Hats, the Podcast. I’m Danny van Leeuwen, a two-legged cisgender old white man of privilege who knows a little bit about a lot of healthcare and a lot about very little. We will listen and learn about what it takes to adjust to life’s realities in the awesome circus of healthcare. Let’s make some sense of all of this.

Managing my bandwidth

I’m finding video creation and production so exciting that I spent 100 hours on the last episode, #214, with Fred Trotter. I can’t sustain that pace. I realized I had spent so much time on a full-length video with images, title slides, and the like that I neglected the meat and potatoes – the blog/newsletter and audio podcast. I also need more time to play my horn and improve my music production skills. So, after spending all that time, I published the full audio podcast (63 minutes), two five-minute and four one-minute videos, and a 30-second teaser/trailer. I think I’ll put the five-minute ones on YouTube as discrete episodes as they stand alone.  You can find them here: Video 1: Naughty Secret about Chart Reviews and Video 2: ChatGPT and health coverage

Still learning in my sandbox.

I remain committed to multimedia because you are all so different, and it’s a hoot. I’m continuing my understanding and skill at short-form videos for social media, especially Instagram. My team of Julia, Kayla, Leon, and Oscar cheer me on. I love that I can still learn.

If stats interest you – I don’t know what they mean – for some reason, the downloads for the audio podcast have increased from an average of 5-10 a day for years to 27 a day for the past 30 days (or an increased from 80 to 800 an episode). 90+% of those downloads are consistently listened to for at least 3/4 of the episode length over the years (that includes people who automatically download. See what I mean about not being sure what stats mean).  For those who subscribe to the newsletter version, with almost 50% opened, and readers spend more than five minutes reading when they do open. Kayla tells me I should be proud of that. Social media stats indicate that people scroll past and increasingly stop but don’t stick around for over a second. It is early days, and I’m refining my process. YouTube shorts require clips to be less than 60 seconds, but I’m not sure that’s my target so I may go for two-minute clips on Instagram and TikTok. Again, this is a totally fun sandbox.


Book cover

Rebel Health by Susannah Fox

Advocacy-wise, my attention is shifting to Long Covid, community responses to health challenges, and understanding more about the characteristics of people who gravitate to and champion advocacy.  My next episode is with Susannah Fox, author of Rebel Health and a hero of mine (book published on February 13, episode on February 18). I have an episode coming up with Jen Stone about all things coffee. I’m scheduled to meet with Kathleen Noonan, CEO of the Camden Coalition. We’ll likely schedule a time to record a conversation. There is so much good happening in this insane time we live in.

Be safe, drink water, love who you can, and fight racism. Keep in touch.

Podcast Outro

I host, write, and produce Health Hats the Podcast with assistance from Kayla Nelson and Leon and Oscar van Leeuwen. Music from Joey van Leeuwen. I play Bari Sax on some episodes alone or with the Lechuga Fresca Latin Band. I now have one URL for all channels and media. is where you can subscribe, access episodes, my website, and social media, and search the Health Hats archive. Your support is appreciated.

I buy my hats at Salmagundi Boston. And my coffee from the Jennifer Stone Collective. Buy some coffee here—links in the show notes. I’m grateful to you who have the critical roles as listeners, readers, and watchers. If you like it, share it. See you around the block.

El Quitrin

El Quitrin played by Lechuga Fresca with Danny Health Hats on Bari Sax.

Episode Notes

Please comment and ask questions

Production Team

  1. Kayla Nelson: Web and Social Media Coach, Dissemination, Help Desk 
  2. Leon van Leeuwen: article-grade transcript editing 
  3. Oscar van Leeuwen: video editing
  4. Julia Higgins: Digit marketing therapy
  5. Steve Heatherington: Help Desk and podcast production counseling
  6. Joey van Leeuwen, Drummer, Composer, and Arranger, provided the music for the intro, outro, proem, and reflection, including Moe’s Blues for Proem and Reflection and Bill Evan’s Time Remembered for on-mic clips.

Other Credits

Susannah Fox, author of Rebel Health

El Quitrin by Bebo Valdes played by Lechuga Fresca with Danny Health Hats on Bari Sax


The views and opinions presented in this podcast and publication are solely my responsibility and do not necessarily represent the views of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute®  (PCORI®), its Board of Governors, or Methodology Committee. Danny van Leeuwen (Health Hats)

Inspired by and grateful to all of you subscribers and Susannah Fox.

Creative Commons Licensing

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