Recommit for the New Year

By December 25, 2016August 22nd, 2017Advocate, Caregiver, Clinician, ePatient, Family man, Informaticist, Leader

At year-end, I’m still on a mission to Empower people as they travel together toward best health. (Patients, caregivers, clinicians, direct care and support staff, communities)

  1. To understand and support each other
  2. To balance workload and capacity
  3. To achieve the best outcomes
  4. To communicate effectively during transitions of care
  5. To learn and share what works

These days more people in the health industrial complex listen to the voice of the patient, caregiver, and those others who care and serve. But the listening isn’t consistent. And the doing something sensible is sporadic and not often widespread. It’s gone from bleeding edge to just edge. I’m consumed with learning how to move this scary disappointing healthcare system an inch even though it needs to move 10 miles. I’m satisfied with the inch. The 10 miles is too much to fathom. I’m more aware than ever of having progressive conditions – MS and life. There’s a limit to what I can do.

My inch is communication at transitions in the health journey. Specifically, what gets communicated at transitions? What’s the minimum information needed to communicate verbally, written, or electronically about our health goals and who has to do what, when, to move toward those goals?

As Mr. Health Hats – a patient, caregiver, nurse, informaticist, fixer, connector, and vacuum filler – I want to well invest my few hours a week and $0 to move this valuable inch. I can’t get my brain around moving a company, a community, a government an inch. Companies, communities, governments don’t move, people do. I understand people. I understand people changing. So I ask:

  • Who (specific persons) does this help?
  • Who (specific persons) would use it?
  • Who (specific persons) would play for its development?
  • Who (specific persons) would pay for its creation?
  • Who (specific persons) will help to create it?
  • Who (specific persons) will sustain it?

Thankfully, many, many people are working on their inches. Their inspiring work keeps my engine running. I seek venues and people doing good work. People to partner with, people to have fun with in this daunting business.

Alright then, see you around the block. Recommit for the New Year.

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