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Stories, Scenarios of Care

By May 14, 2017December 6th, 2023Advocate, Caregiver, Clinician, ePatient, Leader, Researcher, Written Only
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Screenwriting seems like such an opportunity. The storyteller imagines a dilemma, a journey, a cast of characters, and a community. They picture what will happen and presto – a play, a movie, a video.  Everyday people have a health dilemma, find themselves on a journey, with a cast of characters, in a community – real life scenarios of care.

Many people tell the stories of their scenarios of care. Storytelling helps make sense of the drama, processes the pain, confusion, or tragedy, and sometimes leave us inspired, hopeful, charged. Screenwriting scenarios of care can also help us model and plan.   A full scenario of care includes the dilemma, the setting(s), the cast (members of the health team), the flow of events, data, and communication, and the circumstances (the determinants of health) surrounding the scenario.  Scenario-of-care modeling and planning can help look at relationships, communication, handoffs, decision-making, and flow. It can help test what might work and likely risks and outcomes.

Millions of scenarios surround us. Let’s listen, learn, and experiment. I’m for more inspiration, hope, and motivation.

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