Test driving – Still shopping

By November 3, 2013Caregiver, ePatient
I test drove a new neurologist this week. I’m still shopping. Two factors affected my continued shopping: no spark between us and no portal / doesn’t communicate by e-mail. The practice was cool and efficient, the physical exam was thorough. Nothing asked about me, my experience with MS, my goals, my challenges. No relationship building. I asked why I should choose this practice. “You want me to sell myself?” Nothing after that. I can’t imagine care without e-mail or a portal anymore.  I rely on it so much. Their form asked me how I wanted to receive information: what to leave in a message, who I gave permission to share information with. Impressive, butn ot enough to buy though.

On the other hand my experience with my current MS Clinic this week was different. I needed a refill on my MS medication. I sent an email to the administrative person – he’s was out of the office on vacation. The nurse I worked with has left.  I couldn’t select the covering physician because I haven’t seen him yet.  I emailed the portal’s tech support who explained the rules, but fixed it for me. Helpful IT! Then I contacted the covering MD who responded in 4 hours that he had renewed my script. And he looked forward to meeting me (I don’t have an appointment with him yet.) I think I’ll test drive him next.

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