Things That Go Bump in the Night

By September 22, 2013ePatient

From goulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!

During the day I’m pathologically optimistic. Life is good. I won a lottery I didn’t buy a ticket for. I am at one with my body, whatever shape it’s in. My demons come out at night. Why me? I’m tired of having Multiple Sclerosis. Is this the beginning of the end? Will I be too much of a burden?

Fretting interrupts my sleep more than anything. Easily more than physical symptoms. Fatigue affects my ability to cope. Lately, it’s a marked increase in paresthesia (skin tingling, tickling, prickling, pricking, or burning skin) caused by neuropathy (damage to nerves) from the MS. Thankfully, its remains in the seriously annoying continuum. Actually, it really doesn’t affect my ability to do anything. So after a few days of freaking at night, I can sleep fine now.  What’s different? I’m not taking any medication, even though my neurologist prescribed something I’d rather not take. Well, being reassured that I’m not having a flare-up or relapse helps. Grieving my sorry state with my loved ones helps. Focusing on loving myself – whatever shape I’m in, helps.
Managing things that go bump in the night is a magic lever of best health.


  • Sue Spivack says:

    Yes! Perfect, Danny, for all the middle of the night hours I’ve been up over the last week and the remarkable number of demons that show up to harass me. One of the first stories I ever learned to tell was a Russian folktale, and one of the set mantras spoken by the wise old man, woman or witch in many of these tales was “The morning is wiser than the evening,” which has become a great help to me, when I remember it.

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