Xmas: Honor the Caregivers. Help the Helpers.

By December 22, 2013Caregiver, Consumer, Family man
92 million caregivers in the US. Lord, so many.  Only growing. How many of these caregivers need care? My wife, an occupational therapist, comes home with stories of 90+ year-old spouses taking care of their 90+ year-old honeys.  In health, the focus is often on the person at the center of care, the person with a diagnosis or with symptoms. Yet it’s their community that needs care – their health team. I remember when our son Mike was sick and dying. People wanted to know how they could help.  We spent quite a bit of time parsing out all there was to do into bite sized pieces that people could take part in. They’re entitled to express their caring and love. My suggestion for this holiday season is to name the caregivers among you, and contribute to their health.  Take something small off their plate-run an errand. Offer them the magic levers of best health: diet, exercise, rest, humor, distraction, spirit.
Please find my Holiday here. Be well. Keep in touch.

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