Caregiver recovery – spiritual, then mental, then physical

I took advantage of some rest and relaxation this weekend at Kripalu Meditation and Yoga Center. After six months of intense caregiving of my mom with frequent bi-coastal travel, I’m feeling an upsurge of my own MS symptoms. I spoke with someone whose mom died the same time as mine, who spent 13 years caregiving  and managing his mom’s Alzheimer’s journey. My six months seems so small in comparison.  Support and recovery of caregivers – so important. Remarkable how run down we can get. Running down spiritually, mentally, and physically. Caregiver recovery is like any recovery – recovering spiritually, then mentally, then physically. One minute meditations seem to help – appreciating a shower, a chocolate chip cookie, my wife’s smile, my sons, their families, my co-workers. These mini-meditations give space for a bit less worry, and an ounce more of strength to manage physical challenges.  Honor the caregivers, help the helpers.


  • joyce says:

    Danny, very well said.

  • Anonymous says:

    Danny…you are so in tune with taking care of others…I’m glad you are taking care of yourself too!!

  • Thank-you. What do think is the best way to for primary caregivers to enlist help from reluctant family members? It seems in most that in most (not all) families, there is one child designated to carry the burden/honor of caring for a parent. Why is it so difficult to get siblings to step-in and rise to the occasion?

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