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Superpowers. Guessing That I’m Part of God.

By May 16, 2021February 21st, 2022Family man, Musician, Podcasts

Celebrating generational milestones. Reaching life goals. Surviving and thriving with superpowers.

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Celebrations 13, 20, 45. 1

Reaching goals in life. All gravy from here. 01:52. 1

Superpowers. Poet. 03:57. 2

Reflection. Accepting what is. 05:14. 2

Podcast premier of Mou’s Blues 05:53  2

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Music by permission from Joey van Leeuwen, Drummer, Composer, Arranger

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Contemporary Improvisation including Mou’s Blues by Joey van Leeuwen

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The Show

Celebrations 13, 20, 45

Much to celebrate this week. My oldest grandson turns 13, and his mom and dad celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. I officiated at the wedding in 2001. Mike, the couple’s brother, our son, and I played the Beatles tune When I’m 64, for the couple’s first dance. Mike would have been 45 this week – a different kind of celebration.

Reaching goals in life. All gravy from here.

My goals in life included being a good man to a good woman and raising children who grew to love strong partners while being solid parents. I’m thankful to have reached these goals. It’s all gravy from here. Reflecting, I’m overwhelmed with pride in and gratitude for our family and sadness that Mike didn’t experience these past twenty years. He famously quipped that he wasn’t born with a tattoo on his butt telling him how long he would live. Mike was in a loving relationship with a strong woman before he died. I have no doubt he would have been an inspiring father.  My sweet grandson draws from the best of his incredible parents, readily shows his love of his grandparents, and shares easily and wisely about his challenges living the life of a 13-year-old during a pandemic. Life’s a trip and a half—no predicting anything.

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Superpowers. Poet.

We’re a family aware of our good fortune, privilege, and superpowers. I first had a conversation about superpowers with Mike in 2002 when we knew he was dying of cancer. Drawing from that well of superpowers nourished our spiritual reserves and strengthened our mental health during those trying times.

A prolific poet, Mike wrote this shortly before he died as preface to ‘the way I become about dying’:

i am not things.

i am sums of things,

guessing that i’m part of God,

wondering if there is some place

where my soul will go

from where i might look down

with advantages my eyes did not have

and see the tops of trees

which i used to walk beneath for

shelter from rain and sun,

and see the way things go together

like continental tracts of land

punctuated by water and lights

and roads and other concrete artifices

Michael P Funk, 2002

Reflection. Accepting what is.

When diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I gave thanks that Mike and I shared a superpower – the ability to accept what is, guessing that I’m part of God. Superpowers are a magic lever of best health. What are your superpowers? Please appreciate them. May you attain your goals.  Have a powerful week.

Podcast premier of Mou’s Blues

Danny van Leeuwen

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